The GrAASP tool guides users in a process of coming to consensus with their partners on the status of their collaborative or aligning effort on several key dimensions, including those highlighted in the Framework for Aligning Sectors. In this process, individuals first independently rate the collaborative on each dimension. The group then physically comes together and discusses the individual ratings. The group then decides by consensus on a collective rating for each dimension. The rating is not designed for comparing against other collaboratives’ ratings, but it can help build consensus or shared language between collaborative partners, and it can also give an indication of changes over time. A worksheet for the ratings is provided as part of the GrAASP.

The GrAASP is modeled on the Assessment for Advancing Community Transformation (AACT) tool and can be used in a similar way. See the AACT here.

The GrAASP Tool

A tool to guide users to a consensus with partners

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